Culinary Corner ExecutiveChef

Culinary Corner Bistro’s Executive Chef and Proprietor is Chef Hung Tu. At Culinary Corner Bistro, Chef Tu showcases his culinary talents which is a collection of dishes he has mastered over the years. To understand his cuisine and flavors, we must explore his culinary roots which began several decades ago. 


More  than 20 years ago, Hung Tu was an undergraduate student majoring in accounting at CalPoly Pomona University. However, his heart was always set on creating fine cuisines, especially French cuisine. The matriarch in his family is his mom or affectionately called “Maman,” lived in Paris, France. Each time Chef Tu traveled to visit Maman in France, he returned to the U.S. with a greater appreciation for fresh and creative ingredients in dishes that bring families, friends and people from all walks of life together. Chef Tu decided to postpone his accounting degree and instead enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts at Pasadena. With his French culinary degree in 2002, Chef Tu set out to make his mark in Southern California by working for various upscale restaurants and hotels for over a decade including Roy’s Fusion Cuisine. In 2012, Chef Tu was offered an opportunity to work for a non-profit catering company in Northern California. He decided to move to Northern California to put his creative energy towards a greater cause - cuisines for charity. 

Chef Tu joined ACWP Catering in 2011 with a vision to create the best of East meets West techniques and ingredients, in a non-profit setting that gives back to the community. ACWP Catering is a non-profit catering company specializing in bringing the fusion of East and West cuisines to all clients - corporate or private. With his honed skills and over a decade of experience, Chef Tu commanded a team of chefs and kitchen staff who provided full service dining for groups of 20 people or 2,000 people in one single event. He has traveled to several Asian countries to teach his skills, techniques and recipes to those underprivileged. Those he taught were orphans, rural villagers, or street gangs. With the help of “ACWP Catering’s Culinary Schools in Asia Program,” Chef Tu was able to teach and help graduate several chefs and sous chefs in the locals regions. These graduates went on to “pay it forward” and created more opportunities for more students to become chefs in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Today, Chef Tu is able to bring all his rich and sophisticated culinary education and experiences to Culinary Corner Bistro. Where you are eating a steaming, fragrant bowl of Pho Beef Noodle or biting into a succulent Lobster Beurre Blanc, the flavors will tantalize each of your taste buds. Culinary Corner Bistro's mission is to provide the most unique pan-pacific flavors that fuses East and West techniques and flavors to create an explosive taste that won't break your budget!

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